We help businesses navigate their workplace challenges, so they can grow.

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No matter the industry, companies are all asking the same question…

“How do we get our people engaged, enthusiastic, and working well together, so we can focus on growth?”

The challenge is two-fold:

First, getting the right people in the door. Then, supporting those people in the way they need, so they choose to stick around.

That’s where our expert team of HR professionals comes in.

Our Philosophy

In today’s work climate, we have to be prepared to rethink our approaches to recruitment, retention, and engagement, so we can realize different results.

Our experience in recruiting, HR compliance, compensation, and employee development means we intuitively know how to turn your obstacles into opportunities and help you see situations differently, so you can weather what’s next.


Solve your people challenges, so you can grow your business.

Here’s how:

The Workplace Advisors

HR Support Plan

We help you stay compliant, so you can free up your valuable time to focus on your team and your business. Our HR Support Plan offers unlimited compliance consulting for less than our hourly consulting rate!

Plus receive customized employee handbooks, unparalleled members-only pricing on our full range of services, and stay up to date on ever-changing employee compliance regulations.

The Workplace Advisors


Get access to a dedicated team to help steer your workforce initiatives.

Whether you need support with recruitment, compliance, compensation, employee engagement, or professional development, we meet you where you are today and ensure you’re ready to face whatever comes next.

The Workplace Advisors


As the CEO of a nationwide HR consulting firm, Claudia St. John helps companies zoom out, shift their mindset, and build businesses that lead their industry.

With her evidence-backed insights, her engaging keynotes empower organizations with the knowledge they need to navigate the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and retention with confidence and foresight.


The Book

Transforming Teams shares proven strategies that front-line managers can immediately deploy to help teams improve collaboration and productivity.

The Blog

The Advice Bites blog is a valuable resource for anyone seeking practical guidance, actionable tips, and best practices when it comes to building their workforce.

In the News

Read our discussions about recent trends, listen to podcast interviews, and discover our best tips for keeping your employees engaged and your business growing.


Discover how to improve the way you hire, engage, and retain your people with regular HR Minutes from our CEO, Claudia St John, and her team of workplace advisors.

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