Attract better talent and keep them around for longer with competitive salaries and benefits.

Compensation strategies and plan design evaluation to help you spend your compensation dollars in the most effective way possible.

Compensation Services

The Workplace Advisors

Individual Job Market Pricing

  • Benchmarking Research – Determine the market rate for key executive, exempt, and non-exempt positions with benchmarking research from both local and national surveys
  • Customized Reporting – Review competitive market data and equitable recommendations for starting salaries, salary increases, or salary adjustments
The Workplace Advisors

Annual Market Assessment

  • Annual Salary Planning Service – Manage compensation budgets and optimize your compensation dollars
  • External Market Review – Project salary increases for the coming year
  • Recommendations – Ensure your market competitiveness
The Workplace Advisors

Base Pay Structure Review

  • Evaluation – Evaluate current pay structure and compensation policies
  • Review – Review organizational compensation goals and philosophies
  • Recommendations – Identify recommended changes or enhancements
  • Strategic Plan Development – Ensure your pay structures are both successful and cost-effective
  • Risk Mitigation – Secure external competitiveness, promote internal equity, and address salary compression issues
The Workplace Advisors

Bonus & Incentive Plan Review

  • Evaluation – Evaluate existing bonuses or incentives alongside compensation policies
  • Review – Review your organization’s business goals and financial standing
  • Recommendations – Identify recommended changes or enhancements to ensure ongoing competitiveness and effectiveness
The Workplace Advisors

Base Pay Plan Design

  • Evaluation – Evaluate organizational needs and administrative capabilities
  • Review – Review current pay practices
  • Strategy Plan Development – Suggest possible changes to salary structures and promotional career paths
  • Policy and Procedure Development – Develop policies and procedures to support ongoing plan administration
The Workplace Advisors

Bonus / Incentive Plan Design

  • Review – Review organizational goals and objectives
  • Evaluate – Evaluate current and future incentives and bonus alternatives
  • Plan Development – Develop cost-effective plans to accomplish incentive goals at the individual, team, and organizational levels

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