A menu of assessments for all your employee testing needs.

Behavioral Testing & Assessments

Find the best match in a new employee, work more efficiently as a team, and help your people communicate clearly with each other and your customers or clients.

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DISC Behavioral Style Assessment

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

DISC Assessments measure how people respond to problems and challenges, influence others to their point of view, respond to the pace of the environment, and respond to rules and procedures set by others.

DISC Assessments are used for:

  • Revealing someone’s personal leadership style
  • Measuring strengths, limitations, behaviors, and growth opportunities
  • Predicting how someone will relate to others
  • Unlocking communication strategies to improve teamwork and workplace synergy
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12 Driving Forces Assessment

The Driving Forces Assessment goes beyond standard behavioral assessments to dive deeper into the world of personal values to reveal the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’.

It analyzes why a person does what they do, and what internal drive motivates them at work and in life.

Driving Forces Assessments are used for:

  • Evaluating an employee’s primary, situational, and indifferent driving forces
  • Assisting in identifying how to best create a workplace that speaks to your employee’s motivators
  • Aiding in identifying a good candidate “match” to the driving forces of a position
The Workplace Advisors

TriMetrix HD Behavioral Style Assessment

TriMetrix HD brings the four sciences of DISC Behaviors, Driving Forces, Acumen, and Competencies together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements. The assessment is essential when hiring talent.

The multi-faceted assessment that measures how someone does what they do, why someone does what they do, what someone does in their workplace, and how someone processes information.

TriMetrix HD is used for:

  • Reviewing someone’s behavioral preferences and personal motivators
  • Presenting a skills analysis
  • Exploring external and internal clarity and values acumen
  • Providing opportunities for employee development
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Emotional Intelligence Inventory Assessment

Emotional Quotient (EQ) assesses emotional intelligence and someone’s ability to sense and understand emotions, while facilitating high levels of collaboration and productivity.

With EQ training, your people will develop the skills and knowledge they need to better understand customers, manage their expectations, and meet their needs.

The EQ Assessment is used for:

  • Providing an overall scoring of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Presenting someone’s key strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying personal development goals and objectives
  • Providing coaching tips for individual development and enhancement
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Sales Success Index Assessment

The Sales Skills Index helps you gain a perspective into how your people respond to sales opportunities, and helps you figure out what it’ll take for them to sell successfully in any situation.

The assessment results in a report that reveals a participant’s strengths, weaknesses, and their understanding of sales strategies through seven different categories (Prospecting, First Impressions, Qualifying, Demonstrating, Influence, Closing, and General).

The Sales Success Index Assessment is used for:

  • Analyzing sales skills relating to the 7 core sales competencies
  • Reviewing Sales Success Index (SSI) assessment results
  • Identifying key sales strengths and weaknesses
  • Suggesting coaching tips for professional development when it comes to sales
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Job Benchmarking

Job benchmarking takes the guesswork out of finding someone who’s the right fit for your organization—instead providing an in-depth analysis of what the position requires to ensure the highest probability of candidate success.

On your behalf, we will:

  • Identify key expectations and areas of accountability
  • Rank and weigh key areas of accountability
  • Score key areas of accountability using the TTI Benchmarking Assessment
  • Tool to capture the knowledge, intrinsic motivators, personal attributes, behaviors, and hard skills required for your position
  • Develop a candidate assessment tool to compare each candidate to the requirements of the position

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