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Employee Engagement & Professional Development Services

The Workplace Advisors

Employee Engagement

The first step to measuring engagement across your organization is to ask your employees what they think.

When you hire The Workplace Advisors™ to support you with your organization’s engagement, we do exactly that on your behalf—soliciting survey feedback and extrapolating key insights to strengthen your organization for what’s next.

Our employee engagement services include:

  • Developing and administering employee engagement surveys to assess overall employee satisfaction and providing results and actionable recommendations to leaders
  • Conducting employee focus groups and sensing workshops to assess areas of organizational opportunity and development
  • Working with leaders to develop programs, initiatives, and strategies to assist with employee onboarding and ongoing engagement at critical employee milestones—such as within the first week, months, and year of employment
  • Training supervisors and leaders on how to lead with empathy and care to improve employee engagement
  • Creatively developing innovative programs to identify, recognize, and reward actively engaged employees
The Workplace Advisors

Performance Management

How are you developing your people? Do you know how effective your performance reviews are? How capable are your managers?

When you hire The Workplace Advisors to support you with performance management, we optimize your current processes, so you can create future leaders at every level of your organization.

Our performance management services include:

  • Identifying organizational performance goals and cultural norms
  • Reviewing existing performance evaluation tools, policies, and processes
  • Developing tailored employee evaluation tools
  • Recommending ongoing employee performance evaluation processes and procedures
The Workplace Advisors

Strategic Culture Development

Culture is vital when it comes to envisioning the future, anticipating workplace challenges, and aligning goals, resources, and action steps.

Our team of experts will work with you to identify where you want to take your organization in the future, and how to prepare your leaders and employees for the best route there.

Our strategic culture development services include:

  • Developing meaningful and powerful core values that truly define who you are as a business
  • Developing and refining organizational alignment and staffing structures
  • Evaluating organizational strength by conducting SWOT analysis and building strategies to maximize strengths and opportunities and address workplace weaknesses and threats
  • Coaching and developing existing and emerging leaders
The Workplace Advisors


The success of any organization hinges on its leadership. Unlock the potential of your leaders with our transformative coaching services.

At The Workplace Advisors, we understand that coaching is more than just guidance—it’s a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Our leadership coaching services are tailored to elevate your leaders into better communicators, motivators, and people managers.

We offer comprehensive 1:1 coaching as well as team and group sessions tailored to your needs.

Our coaching services include:

  • Leadership Development- Cultivating high-potential, emerging leaders to enhance their ability to lead themselves and inspire others
  • Performance Improvement- Supporting leaders facing performance pressures or challenged by behaviors holding them back
  • Growth Focus- Working with leaders focused on personal or team growth to effectively guide the trajectory of the business
The Workplace Advisors


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