Quiet Quitting in Your Workplace

“Quiet quitting” started as a TikTok video describing how one employee was finding work-life balance by changing how they approached their job without actually quitting. The now-viral video has generated numerous articles and news stories, many with different takes on what “quiet quitting” actually means.   Some of these theories include: Employees are setting boundaries: The […]

Labor Market Overview

The following labor market summary was prepared by Susan Pale, Vice President of Compensation. Where has 2023 gone? It’s a question I keep asking myself, and I’m guessing many of you are asking the same thing. It seems we were just ushering in a new year. But a lot has happened – inflation rates are […]

What Do All Those Comp Terms Mean Anyway?!?

Welcome to Compensation 101 where we define and give examples for those boring compensation terms we throw around all the time.  You’ve heard a lot of them recently and probably experienced some of them, too, as we navigate through a volatile, often unexplainable, labor market. Let’s begin with the basics! Compensation Strategy Developing and implementing […]

What Do You Need to Pay a Non-Exempt Employee?

A recent story reported that Delta Airlines will begin paying flight attendants half-time for boarding duties, a change from the industry-standard of only paying once the doors close. Delta is implementing this change to stave off a push to unionize their flight attendants. However, it raised a critical question for many people – are there […]