Office Temperature Wars

Question: We have two employees who keep complaining about the temperature. One says it is too warm, one says it is too cold. It is a small office so there isn’t a way to allow them to sit in different areas. No one else complains or has an opinion either way. What can we do? Answer: Having […]

Employee’s Organ Donation

Question: We have an employee who matched as a living donor. What do we need to offer them? Answer: First of all, it’s wonderful that your employee is considering being a living donor! As an employer, it’s important to support your employees in their personal endeavors whenever possible. You should treat this situation like any […]

Office Clutter

Question: We allow employees to personalize their work areas. However, we have one employee who has so many pictures, plaques, sayings, and other trinkets on their desk that there is little space left to work. Can we make them take some of it down? Answer: Allowing an employee to make their workspace “their own” is […]

Vacation Requests

Question: An employee has put in a request for a 4-week vacation even though our policy only allows 2 weeks off to be taken at a time. Do I need to approve it? Answer: When deciding to approve or deny a time off request you should look at your policy, past precedent, and the circumstances […]


Question: A few of my employees have shown up for work sick. I appreciate their dedication, but I’d rather they not come to work when ill. Can I send them home and require that they use their sick leave? Answer: Yes, you can. Recognize that there may be reasons why employees are showing up sick that might include: […]


Question: My employee tripped on a pothole in our parking lot and broke their arm. Do we have any obligations? Answer: Probably. If you own and maintain the parking lot and the employee was injured while coming to or from work, then it may fall under Workers’ Compensation. If not, it may fall under your […]


Question: Now that we are back in the office, my dog is having separation anxiety. Can I bring him to work with me if I keep him in my office? Answer: While a lot of people enjoy having a dog around, there are several things to think about before starting to bring your dog to work. […]


Question: With rising costs, I want to give my employees a gift card to reward them for their hard work. What should I consider? Answer:  Acknowledging an employee’s contribution to the company is almost always a good thing. Making the effort to recognize an employee’s hard work helps to reinforce their commitment to the company. When […]


Question: Do I have to pay non-exempt employees for a holiday if we are closed? Or a special rate If they work? Answer: Probably not. There is no federal law to pay non-exempt employees for holidays if they do not work or to pay a premium rate if they do work. Massachusetts and Rhode Island […]


Question: Do I need to conduct exit interviews with employees who are separating from the company? Answer: No, exit interviews are not required. They are tools that can help you gather information about the employee’s experience at your company when they may feel freer to be more honest and open. If you decide to conduct exit […]