Employee Retention Ideas

Employee Retention Ideas

Most employers have felt the impacts of the tight labor market. Employees have been resigning at a rate of over 4 million per month for over a year. Low unemployment rates continue across the country. The labor market participation rates are reduced by 8 million employees due to factors like COVID, immigration, and employees who […]

Quiet Quitting in Your Workplace

“Quiet quitting” started as a TikTok video describing how one employee was finding work-life balance by changing how they approached their job without actually quitting. The now-viral video has generated numerous articles and news stories, many with different takes on what “quiet quitting” actually means.   Some of these theories include: Employees are setting boundaries: The […]

Should I Confront My Employee?

Question: I just received a call asking for a verification of employment for one of my employees. I thought everything was good based on recent conversations, but now I’m not sure what is going on. Can I ask them if they are job hunting? Answer: Legally, yes, you can ask since you learned about the […]