Religious Exemption to Vaccine

Q:  Our company is requiring all employees to get vaccinated for COVID.  We received a request for an exemption to the vaccination requirement on the basis of a sincerely-held religious belief.  Can we require some form of documentation or verification?

A:  Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, employees cannot be required to get a vaccine if it violates their religious belief, practice, or observance or their sincerely-held belief. Employers do not need to accept general statements or form letters but should require documentation from the employee’s personal religious leader explaining the reason the vaccine violates the person’s beliefs. 

It’s important to note, the religious leaders of most major denominations have stated that mandating vaccines does not violate the tenants of their faith and have come out in support of COVID-19 vaccines in the name of public health and safety, which you can read in detail at US Embassy, ABC News and Newsweek.

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