Changes As Your Company Grows

Congratulations!! Your company has grown, business is booming, and you have hired more employees to help you meet the new demand. Not every company is able to say they are having that success. Did you know… As you add employees, the number of employment regulations your company falls under changes as well. So, while you […]

Employment Trends & Challenges for the Year Ahead

A new year means new employment laws, trends, and challenges. Here are some of the important trends we are following as we enter 2024. General Trends Uncertainty With the volatile political climate heading into the 2024 presidential race, inconsistent predictions for the economy, and escalating incidents of violence, employees are facing new challenges at and […]


Question: A few of my employees have shown up for work sick. I appreciate their dedication, but I’d rather they not come to work when ill. Can I send them home and require that they use their sick leave? Answer: Yes, you can. Recognize that there may be reasons why employees are showing up sick that might include: […]


Question: With rising costs, I want to give my employees a gift card to reward them for their hard work. What should I consider? Answer:  Acknowledging an employee’s contribution to the company is almost always a good thing. Making the effort to recognize an employee’s hard work helps to reinforce their commitment to the company. When […]


Question: Do I have to pay non-exempt employees for a holiday if we are closed? Or a special rate If they work? Answer: Probably not. There is no federal law to pay non-exempt employees for holidays if they do not work or to pay a premium rate if they do work. Massachusetts and Rhode Island […]

4 Real Life HR Lessons to Learn From

4 Real Life HR Lessons to Learn From

The workplace has its fair share of scary stories. By bringing them to light, we hope they can become important lessons on what to do and not do.  Unwelcomed birthday party cost employer $450,000: Knowing that the company celebrates employee birthdays, an employee asked the office manager to not throw him a party. However, the […]

White Paper: OSHA Vaccine Mandate

Notice On November 6, 2021, the 5th US Court of Appeals issued an injunction based on a legal challenge filed in its courts. On November 12, 2021, the 5th Circuit ruled that this injunction applies country-wide and has ordered OSHA to “take no steps to implement or enforce…until further court order.” Therefore, OSHA has currently […]

Religious Exemption to Vaccine

Q:  Our company is requiring all employees to get vaccinated for COVID.  We received a request for an exemption to the vaccination requirement on the basis of a sincerely-held religious belief.  Can we require some form of documentation or verification? A:  Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, employees cannot be required to get […]

Vaccine Accommodations

We know there is a lot of confusion around vaccine mandates and applicable accommodations. In order to provide more in-depth information for you to consider when planning the best course for your company, we wanted to share some of the resources we have found on these topics.  President Biden’s “Path Out of the Pandemic” Vaccine […]

Disruptive Phone Behavior

Q: We have an employee who is constantly on their phone for personal business. While we understand they need to check in with their family, it gets out of hand and keeps them from doing work. It also disrupts the office keeping everyone else from being able to do their work efficiently. What can we […]