Question: We are re-opening the office and have some employees who are vaccinated while others are not. Do we have to implement any different procedures or policies?

Answer:  Allowing fully vaccinated individuals to unmask and requiring those without a vaccine to continue masking adheres to the recent CDC (and in many instances state and local) guidelines.  Adhering to those guidelines has, throughout the pandemic, been our advice to employers and clients.

It is also our advice to require proof of vaccination (CDC-issued vaccination documentation) prior to allowing employees to unmask.  Simply recording the document is sufficient – employers do not need to take a photocopy.
Further, we advise employers to continue to require masks for those who remain unvaccinated.  Employers have the right to establish these requirements to protect their workplaces, clients, vendors and communities.
Although it may be tempting, allowing everyone to unmask, regardless of vaccination status, has the potential to increase exposure and/or infection among employees, customers, and communities.  Those without vaccines should continue to mask, socially distance and follow sanitary guidelines.

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