Changes As Your Company Grows

Congratulations!! Your company has grown, business is booming, and you have hired more employees to help you meet the new demand. Not every company is able to say they are having that success. Did you know… As you add employees, the number of employment regulations your company falls under changes as well. So, while you […]

Employment Trends & Challenges for the Year Ahead

A new year means new employment laws, trends, and challenges. Here are some of the important trends we are following as we enter 2024. General Trends Uncertainty With the volatile political climate heading into the 2024 presidential race, inconsistent predictions for the economy, and escalating incidents of violence, employees are facing new challenges at and […]

The AI Revolution: Impacts on Workplaces & HR

Conversations about artificial intelligence (AI) have been everywhere recently. Congress held hearings about it. News outlets have written articles about it, including that content providers have sampled AI’s abilities by having it draft something for them. But how does it impact companies and Human Resources? According to the Pew Research Center, 62% of Americans believe […]

Organizational Changes to Improve Engagement

Employees stay at companies where they feel valued and safe. Employees leave companies where they feel discounted, taken advantage of, or disconnected from managers and co-workers. Increasing the engagement and retention of good employees can propel a company’s success, allowing leaders to focus on proactive strategies instead of reactively putting out fires. While some more […]

Employee Retention Ideas

Employee Retention Ideas

Most employers have felt the impacts of the tight labor market. Employees have been resigning at a rate of over 4 million per month for over a year. Low unemployment rates continue across the country. The labor market participation rates are reduced by 8 million employees due to factors like COVID, immigration, and employees who […]

4 Real Life HR Lessons to Learn From

4 Real Life HR Lessons to Learn From

The workplace has its fair share of scary stories. By bringing them to light, we hope they can become important lessons on what to do and not do.  Unwelcomed birthday party cost employer $450,000: Knowing that the company celebrates employee birthdays, an employee asked the office manager to not throw him a party. However, the […]

Quiet Quitting in Your Workplace

“Quiet quitting” started as a TikTok video describing how one employee was finding work-life balance by changing how they approached their job without actually quitting. The now-viral video has generated numerous articles and news stories, many with different takes on what “quiet quitting” actually means.   Some of these theories include: Employees are setting boundaries: The […]

Employee Engagement During COVID

In addition to a tight labor market and increasing wages, employers are dealing with employee “bored out” (chronic boredom leading to feeling totally meaningless) and “the big quit” (with 4 million people quitting their jobs in April 2021 alone), while also trying to balance client demands and the changing business environment. Making an effort to […]

Hybrid Work

Operating your business in the current COVID world with the relaxing of COVID restrictions across the country requires considering what your future workplace will look like. According to a survey conducted by Forrester Research, while only 10% of companies offered remote work options prior to the pandemic, going forward more than 70% plan to offer […]

Legalized Marijuana and Work

Marijuana is now legal in some form in 35 states and Washington, D.C. with 7 additional states having decriminalized marijuana possession and 2 states legalizing CBD oil use. (You can find the current status of marijuana legality in your state here.)     Many experts expect the continued expansion of legalization of various forms.   Much […]